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Sordo como una tapia

Any more expressions in Spain you could teach us?

Here’s one I just used today:

Sordo como una tapia
Deaf as a wall

A tapia is a kind of wall. You’ll seldomly find this word used in real life so for now don’t worry about it outside of this expression, which means to be quite deaf, or “deaf as a post”.

Here are the customary examples:

Pedro no me oye, está sordo como una tapia.
Pedro can’t hear me, he’s deaf as a post.

Con tanto concierto, los jóvenes de hoy en día van a acabar todos sordos como tapias.
By [attending] so many concerts, all of today’s youngsters will eventually become deaf as posts.

Note how in the plural the undefinite article is dropped!

You can emphasize it by using a comparative:

No te va a oír, está más sorda que una tapia.
She won’t hear you, she’s deafer than deaf.

Originally published in Talk like a Spaniard.

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