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Please make more posts! Thank you! 🙂

My first question, how exciting! Rest assured, more entries are coming. I’m glad you enjoy the blog.

As an appetizer, here’s a nice term to learn. When asking a favor from somebody, you can soften the demand or make it more cutesy by shortening por favor (“please”) to porfa. You’ll rarely find it in regular written texts, but it’s common in instant messaging and widespread in spoken communication:

¡Porfa, mamá, déjame ir a la fiesta! ¡Van todos mis amigos!
Please, mum, let me go to the party! All my friends are going!

Pásame la sal, porfa.
Pass me the salt, please.

Venga, vente conmigo al cine hoy, porfa, ¡que quiero ver esta peli!
Come on, come to the cinema with me tonight. I want to see this film. Pretty-please?

¿Puedes mirar si te va la página de Gmail, porfa?
Could you check if Gmail’s working for you, please?

Originally published in Talk like a Spaniard.