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Thank you! I’m going to Spain for the next 6 months & I will follow your blog with a passion… learning more & more to be able to talk like a Spaniard. Your help will be greatly appreciated 🙂 Muchas gracias!

¡De nada! I’m happy to help. Here’s another useful term for you:

The expression fin de semana (“weekend”) is almost always shortened to finde in colloquial speech. I’d say everybody under 40 uses it, and I can frankly imagine it getting into formal speech eventually. You use it just like the longer form:

¿Qué tal tu finde?
How was your weekend?

¿Haces algo el finde?
Are you doing something this weekend?

El finde del 26 me voy a Bruselas.
The weekend of the 26th I’m going to Brussels.

Dentro de dos findes es la boda de Pedro.
Two weekends from now we have Pedro’s wedding.

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