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Do you have any favorite/particular Spanish expression you use the most?

Do you know churros?

They are a kind of pastry commonly taken for breakfast, or afternoon snack (merienda). They are 99% of the time taken dipped in hot chocolate (chocolate con churros)

Well, we love them a lot, so when something sells fast and continously, we use the expression venderse como churros:

Estoy seguro de que cuando salga el Half Life 3 se va a vender como churros.
I’m sure that when Half Life 3 comes out it will sell like hot cakes.

El último disco de Guns ‘n’ Roses no se vendió como churros precisamente.
The last album from Guns ‘n’ Roses wasn’t exactly a blockbuster.

Churros are quick and easy to make, and they are squeezed from the dough like toothpaste. So there is another similar expression for things pouring out quickly: salir como churros.

Ayer estaba inspirado componiendo, las canciones me salían como churros.
I was inspired yesterday while composing: I was coming up with songs nonstop.

Durante el brainstorm en la oficina nos han salido ideas como churros para la próxima campaña.
During the brainstorm at the office we came out with a lof of ideas for the next campaign.

But be careful here. When something is sloppily done or is garbled, we say it is un churro:

Este informe es un auténtico churro.
This report is a tragedy.

Créeme, no quieres leer mi relato, es un churro.
Believe me, you don’t want to read my story, it’s a mess.

So be careful to notice the difference between salir como churros / salir [como] un churro, this last one means for a specific thing to come out bad (not quickly):

Intenté dibujar un coche pero me salió un churro tremendo.
I tried to draw a car but it came out like shit.

Fue a golpear el balón y el disparo le salió como un churro.
S/he went to hit the ball but the kick came out awful.

Originally published in Talk like a spaniard.