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12 – Fast Times at Chalmers Högskola

There are a couple days which are not really single-entry-worthy but that I should at least mention.

For example, as the “official” City Tour was the morning next to the FestU, we didn’t go, and we tried to make our own. Bea, Cristina, Émilie & me went for a walk from Chalmers to Götaplatsen, and then down the Avenyn to Brunnsparken, the docks, and finally the Opera, where the rain started to pour so heavily we had to go back home.

That was also the day of the Karaoke Party. Besides the obvious “Baby One More Time”, I chose more rockish songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or even “Ace of Spades”, just to counterbalance the flood of pop that everybody else was picking.

Another day we went to a hill on the other side of the river. There’s a fantastic view of the city there. We took a couple photos, ate some sandwiches, and back. In the night, the Ostkupan pub opened for the first time of the year. It’s nice, a bit small maybe (there were also a lot of people, being the first night and all), but ok for drinking a beer when it’s cold outside and you don’t really wanna go out.

And, yet another random day in which we confirmed that we can stay here another year (yay!) although we have to apply for it like every other “new” student has to (boo!), there was the Pub Crawl. All the buildings at Chalmers have its own pub and they were open at the same time. Also, the awesome tram in the garden was filled with disco lights and motherfucking Daft Punk blaring out of the loudspeakers. Needless to say, the queue for it was unapproachably long and we had to skip it.

Note: I should also mention this was the night Sylvain went to see Tiësto performing. He was SO happy, you had to see him smiling like a child on his way. And the next morning he was tired because afterwards he couldn’t sleep because of the euforia. Hehe. I may have gone with him if I knew beforehand he was going (or maybe not, it was a bit expensive).

Finally, the Swedish Dinner. Woohoo! I went shopping for an sleeping bag which I didn’t find, so I was running a bit late. Adriana fell sleep and I found her on the bus. Luckily for both of us, because Juan gave us the worst directions ever to get there and we got lost on our way. We even found the only swedish guys who didn’t speak english. Eventually we got there, enjoyed our meatballs with jam (I was so fucking hungry they dish didn’t even last a minute on my plate), sang a bit on stage and then danced in the ballroom until we decided to leave.

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