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11 – I, kea

You know the thing about Ikea? It’s a labyrinthic nightmare. But I should start from the beginning.

There was so many people waiting to go with the CIRC activity (I seem to recall 200) that obviously we couldn’t all fit into one bus, or two, not even three. Luckily Émilie & me got in the first one and we waited there for Bea and the others eating a hot dog. But they still had a long time to come so we went in with a bunch of people we met, like Lars, Jo, or (yet another) Sylvain.

As I was saying, Ikea is designed as some kind of lab rat maze experiment, with a very unclear map which always makes you wonder were the hell are you, but also a defined path. I think the problem is you can go forth and know for sure you’ll get out, but if you try to retrace your steps you are doomed to get lost and become a ghoul haunting the other customers.

Oh, and they also trick you to go to the exhibition first, placing the REAL entrance behind and below the stairs to the wonderful land of the umlauted furniture. Although that was no match for the Ikea Ninja and we quickly got out of there (not without first visiting the ten flats of Émilie and finding perhaps too many appliances which could be used as sex toys).

I was supposed to buy some kind of thing with drawers to put my clothes, and maybe a mirror and some posters. Well, I got 2 out of 3 as I only found the latter ones.

Small note: the walls at Ostkupan have like metal plates or something and you can’t really drill holes in them. But, the previous guy at my room, or Mr. Kent as we could call him, somehow managed to make 13-14. So I do have where to hang the mirror, albeit the distance from one drilling hole to another is not perfect, but I can use a string.

The original plan was for everyone to have lunch at Ikea, but we really wanted to put our things back in our rooms. Also, expecting 200 people to eat together is not very realistic. Our group decided to meet again at Hard Rock Café after leaving the things at home. It was a bit expensive, though, so we took some hamburgers at Burger King and then moved to the HR to grab a coffee.

On the night, there was the Surprise Party. Which was the surprise? Paper hats! We had to draw funny stuff on them and then there were some quizzes, and music and dance. It was really great, as usually happens with CIRC activities ^^

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