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09 – Shaven, not stirred

As I said plenty of times, the Erasmus is all about trying new things. Some of them come unexpectedly. For example, when the plug sockets in your room are 220V but the one in the bathroom is 110V and your shaving machine spins slower than a muppet on a velcro carpet.

Then, you have to man up and realize you are twenty-something and the time has come to start using a razor to soften your skin of those pesky sandpapery hairs.

Of course gadgetry is one of those forbidden pleasures lying inside every one of us, so I didn’t pick any instrument to perform this critical task on my sexyness. Nonono. I got a motherfucking FIVE-BLADED GILLETE FUSION POWER PHENOM WITH ADDITIONAL PRECISION TRIMMER AND BATTERY-POWERED VIBRATION FUNCTION. Latest technology, man.

Now my face is smoother than a newborn’s ass and girls all drool over me. Also, I get to hang around with Federer and Tiger Woods.

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