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08 – CCGs & FestU

Friday was enrollment day. We had to fill a yellow form and get a picture taken for the student card. We were also given or had to get like four other cards, with passwords, or access to facilities, or the library, or paying the cafeteria, or a 2/2 for 1G with first strike.

The first meal at the Chalmers restaurant left a good impression. The food is well cooked, and although the price could be cheaper, I have no more reasons to complain. As I know I won’t be preparing fish at home, I can balance my diet just going there on selected days.

On the afternoon I took a siesta just to be sure, because on the night there was the FestU party! It’s so awesome I lack the words to explain it adequately. The whole student building is transformed into a dance club. You have like six or seven different zones, with DJs mixing different styles from rock to rap to techno to whatever. There’s a swimming pool. There’s a karaoke. There are live concerts. An inflatable castle. All of this inside. And drinks at very reasonable prices.

We spent a bit of time in everyplace, mostly in the technodance floor, with smoke machines, and also the obligatory singing at the karaoke, with classics as ABBA’s Waterloo and my personal tradition of performing “Baby One More Time”. We even got a CD the singer of the live band threw to the audience. All in all a great experience which no one should miss.

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