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07 – The heart of everything

“Do you have any questions?”

Murphy answered for me: “no”. And as soon as I walked out of the door, 300 spartan doubts came to mind. So as soon as I got home, I wrote back to my exchange coordinator that some questions had risen since our compulsory meeting for filling out forms.

The most urgent ones had to deal with a crazy scheme Juan and me had devised. Since we were going to spend a year here, why not stay another one? Chalmers’s Masters are a two-year run, and we’ll be halfway there by June. Seems foolish not to embrace the opportunity. I’ll have to research on that.

But, for now, I went with Bea and Cristina to eat some pizzas to the Pizzeria Gibraltar, and then finally activate our internet at the SGS, which was practically empty today. On my way I took another look at the rock posters of the other day, convinced to bring one home. I settled on a a beautiful image of a blindfolded girl with a pigeon, from Within Temptation’s last record, which bears the same title as this entry. I’m not a diehard fan of them, although they’re pretty good, but the pic was great.

At night, there was a party at Parken, a pub near the main Avenyn. They served free mexican food and salad, which tasted a bit spicy but nice. After that we grabbed some beers, danced a bit and met a lot of people, as usual.

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