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05 – Group in the Shell

On Tuesday we had a group meeting with our coordinators. Nothing of interest was said there. And on the afternoon I took a looong nap (my naps usually involve several hours). So nothing remarkable was done that day.

But, on Wednesday, the welcoming speech was held at the conference room. Looks like a cinema, because it was two floors of seats, so it’s not surprising we found that they have cheap movie sessions there. The vicepresident of Chalmers talked about some funny stuff which I don’t remember, and then the Student Union representatives, and then the CIRC, and then they put a cool youtube video which instantly spawned the meme “Göteborg we love you!”.

At noon there was the Phadder meeting. The phadders, which I think I haven’t explained, are veteran students which are there to help new students if they need something. The groups also serve the purpose of making you meet new people. Émilie and me already knew our phadder, Armin, but we met a lot of other nice people there and we played games like the absurdity of “Kata mana!”. All in all a wonderful morning.

At night we all had dinner in the terrace of Ostkupan. A kurdish guy called Diman brought his guitar and started playing some flamenco. I don’t really like that music but well, he sure knows how to play it. Then we moved to Helmutsrogatan, or Helmuts, a residence just accross the building from Ostkupan. There was said to be a party there but it was just a gathering out in front of it. I met many more people, which is a thing I really like, so it was nice for me.

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