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04 – First look at Chalmers

I think no-one knew exactly what “the FestU party” was, but it looked like a pretty big ass party, so everyone went down to Georgia Chalmers on Monday morning to buy the tickets. That was also the first time I went to the campus.

Chalmers is a campus like one of those in the movies. Which may be the usual look of a campus, but, well, not the ones in which I’ve studied. So I like it. It has very nice buildings, lots of people walking everywhere, many trees, and it’s in the middle of the city.

After getting the tickets, we tried the kanelbulle, a cinnamon bun very typical from Sweden. It’s also the reason why the Student Union always has that special smell on the lower floor, in the main entrance next to the café counter. It’s good, perhaps a bit dry for my tastes and very sweet.

We bought a couple sandwiches (mine was meatballs with beet) and ate them laying on the grass. Sleeping a bit crossed our minds (and stayed in Leo’s), but we wanted to go activate our internet connection.

On our way we passed in front of a rock store. I stopped to look for some posters, but they were too black and dark. They had a couple ZZ Top ones not too bad, but eventually I discarded them.

The SGS central building was crowded so we scrapped the idea of waiting and went back home. An hour later we had an appointment for a “birthday party” which was just drinking some beers together at a place called Lilla London.

Émilie found a canadian guy called Vince in the Ostkupan lobby which had the problem I mentioned before: they only give you your keys in the morning. She offered him to sleep in her floor, which he thankfully accepted. So he went with us to the party. Armin also came later on the night.

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