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02 – Shopping spree

“My room looks weird.” It’s funny when some parts of your brain wake up before the others. Juan woke me with a heavy knock on my door to go to town and buy stuff. We met with Carlos and Fernando downstairs.

Nordstan is said to be the biggest mall in all of Sweden, or Scandinavia, or something like that. Well, it would be considered a regular mall elsewhere. It’s big, but nothing out of the ordinary. As I already had a SIM card which Juan got me at Chalmers in the welcome bag, I put some money on it. Finally reachable. Call and SMS fees are very cheap here, which is good.

First I bought a couple utilities at the pharmacy. They have people in white robes wandering around, so you can ask them about your needs and they help you. Great for colds and minor troubles.

Then we went to a bed store. Everything was in swedish and we were no experts in the field, so we picked what we thought we needed. I asked the cashier girl and I had got mismatching sizes, so she pointed me to the right ones. After deciding on a design for the duvet, I went back. She told me it was a “beautiful choice”. Two days and I’m already scoring fashion points with the ladies. Man, control yourself.

I was (spoiler alert: and still am) using Juan’s wifi, so I was not in a hurry for an ethernet cable, but Fer & Carlos needed one, so we went to the electronic store. It’s astonishingly expensive. Like, ten euros for just 3 metres. Information highway robbery. I think I’ll look for a more extreme deal, thank you very much.

After that, we went to sooth our guilt for the free rides buying the transport card. It’s approximately 90 euros for three months, and you can get on as much times as you want on any bus, tram or boat of the public transportation system. Considering how good it is, I’m definitely happy with the price.

Then, Migue called. He had already been here for a week, with his parents, but now he was “free” and wanted to have lunch with us. We went to a greek place which served pizzas (don’t ask). It was sunny and we ate outside. Then María joined us and we layed down on the grass of a nearby park.

Some people had things to do, so we went back to Ostkupan. Carlos, Fer & me went to IcaMaxi for kitchenware. Juan told me not to worry for food as he had for both of us, so I concentrated on buying towels, cups and a salad bowl. He cooked chicken breast and it was delicious.

Looks like while I was shopping, Émilie, the french girl from my phadder group, came by asking for me. So we decided to pay her a visit after dinner. We got a bit delayed and she came back again. I spoke with her while Juan showered and then swapped places. Finally, we went out to town.

Émilie had spoke with Armin, our phadder, and we were going to meet them for a beer. There was a marathon on the city centre and the bus took a strange route. So Émilie and me arrived almost an hour later. Some friends of her came too, and a brazilian friend of Armin called Eduardo. Juan and the other spanish guys went to meet with some other people.

We spent an hour looking for some place called Delirium. We didn’t find it, so we went to the other Delirium in town. When we got there it was closed. We said “fuck it” and went to the irish pub in the corner. Eventually, Ramón called to join because he got fed up of the unexpected spanish cluster that got formed at the other pub where they were.

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