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Llevaba tiempo queriendo hacerlo, por pura curiosidad, y hoy que tenía un ratito me he puesto. Son las, a mi juzgar, 20 mejores canciones de U2. Entre paréntesis va el disco.

  1. Beautiful day (All that you can’t leave behind)
  2. Discothèque (Pop)
  3. The fly (Achtung, baby)
  4. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me (The best of 1990-2000)
  5. Lady with the spinning head (Extended Dance mix) (The best of 1990-2000)
  6. Staring at the sun (Pop)
  7. Bullet the blue sky (live) (Live at Slane Castle: Go home)
  8. Mofo (Pop)
  9. Please (Pop)
  10. Do you feel loved? (Pop)
  11. Elevation (Tomb Raider mix) (Tomb Raider O.S.T.)
  12. Happiness is a warm gun (The Gun mix) (The best of 1990-2000)
  13. Electrical storm (William Orbit Mix) (The best of 1990-2000)
  14. Stay (Zooropa)
  15. Where the streets have no name (The Joshua tree)
  16. Miss Sarajevo (The best of 1990-2000)
  17. Even better than the real thing (Achtung, baby)
  18. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (The Joshua tree)
  19. New Year’s Day (War)
  20. Silver and gold (live) (Rattle and hum)

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