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Spanish food blogs

Hi, you’re blog is seriously the best especially since I’m currently studying abroad in Valencia. I was wondering if you know of any Spanish food blogs. Preferably people who are Spanish (or not, I guess) but cooking in Spain and do Spanish recipes.

Cooking is not my strong point at all, but I asked around and I was told to let you guys know about a number of blogs. I checked them for you and this is what I can tell you:

Falsarius Chef: this man is kinda famous I guess, because even I had heard about him. He does recipes with canned food and simple ingredients. “Cooking for those that can’t cook”, he calls it. He even has a Youtube channel. Disclaimer: the blog is formal and easy to follow, but in the videos he twists his voice and employs many colloquial words (Youtube automatic captioning goes crazy, so don’t even try). 

Chocolatísimo: but if you are looking for easy videos, then check here. The woman running this delicious blog has also her own Youtube channel, but she has subtitles for all of the uploads! Go drown in sugar and chocolate and desserts and drool all over the keyboard. Disclaimer: she has a marked Sevillan accent (she jokes that this is the reason why she puts captions in all the videos).

Los postres de Elena: this girl from Tenerife writes in a very casual way, so it might be good practice for everyday Spanish (also, she writes also about non-dessert recipes, don’t be fooled by the name).

Javi Recetas: this blog seems to be sponsored by the gossip magazine Hola, so the Spanish in it might be more proper and formal. I found it confusing to navigate, though. In any case, here it is.

Directo al Paladar: finally, this blog belongs to a blogging conglomerate, so if you want a constant influx of content every day, here you’ll get it. They talk recipes, cooking, and many topics in general related to food.

¡Buen provecho!

Originally published in Talk like a Spaniard.

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