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Market thugs

Art by Forges.

This card was inspired by two things. First, my attempt to make a simple common instead of a splashy uncommon/rare; and preferably black. Second, the financial crisis. Flavor behind the card is the market hunger for bringing countries down to their knees and raze them.

Initial version of this card was as complex as it gets. By discarding a creature card, you placed a +1/+1 counter on it. Then, by removing three counters AND if you had threshold, you could destroy a target land. I wanted to symbolize how the economic powers get big on personal tragedy, and once they get out of control, they can even tackle whole countries.

Then I remembered I wanted a common. After New World Order, I can’t spare so many complex points. So I completely removed the second ability, and kept the first albeit discarding a land card. But markets have a demonic sense into them: it’s not that they get bigger when you sacrifice countries to them, it’s that you are forced to! Or else!

You don’t always have land cards in hand to spare, so instead of making you lose life as consequence of noy paying your debts, I decided to simply tap it. Markets won’t collaborate with you unless you concede to their wishes.

I changed the card to this kind of demonic ability and called it a day.

Then I realized I had reinvented Carnophage.

Well, here it is, as is, as a testament of my honesty.

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