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«How did you learn English?»

Your blog is fantastic! Just wondering, how did you learn English so well?

Thank you! That’s nice of you to say… and now I feel I should be extra cautious to keep up that image 😉

In Spain most kids start learning mandatory English since they are 3 years old and until they leave high school, but it depends mostly on your teachers, your social context and your own interests to make that knowledge stick—like anything in life.

In my case, what makes my English better than the other languages I’ve learned is the vast amount of culture in English I consume. It’s a trick I try to employ too with the rest of them, though they may not be that readily available: consume songs, comics, films, shows.

So that’s the one advice I’d like to highlight for those of you learning Spanish—or any other language—and the one thing can make the most difference: dive into the language being used in real life.

Originally published in Talk like a Spaniard.

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