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Fricción nas redes sociais

Un par de interesantes comentarios (sobre todo o primeiro) respecto das redes sociais e porque causan tantas friccións nas relacións humanas:

One of my pet theories for why social media is such a cesspool is that it exposes us to the whole of someone else.

If I play boardgames with Sue, that’s enough. We meet, enjoy a beer and play some Catan and go our separate ways. That’s a fine relationship.

If I follow Sue on social media, now I know her politics, religion, sex life, drug usage, opinions on every little thing.. and frankly, I don’t care or want to. I’m happy just playing some Catan once in a while.

Historically you didn’t need to know everything about everyone. Your friends will always have opinions or lifestyles you will find disagreeable – that is the nature of human existence.

Humanity either needs to “agree to disagree” on wide swaths of things we care a whole bunch about (abortion, firearms, lgbtq, etc) or we need to go back to not discussing those things in public or polite company.

My $0.02 is that it’s easier to fall back to rules of polite conversation than fix our compulsive need for agreement.


I have a slightly different view of this. People’s opinions on things are always in flux, even if they sway heavily toward one side. What we see on social media is a person’s opinions without the context of a human interaction. On social media, we see Sue’s emotional response to politics without her having to negotiate that emotional response in relationship to another person sitting in front of her. She may “believe” what she says in the moment she types it, but put her in a room with a friend who disagrees and you can watch how her views shift, push back, concede, change, challenge, etc. On social media, there’s very little of this taking place, because there’s zero human intimacy at work. It belief in a vacuum not in relationship.


Levo tempo desexando que Twitter implemente sub-canais nas contas, de xeito que cando decidas seguir a alguén escollas tamén privadamente de que temas seus che interesa saber, e así filtrar mellor as conversacións.

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